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Company News >> Reason for Cooling Tower Collapse

 It is often seen that cooling tower operators don't find convenient time to take care of the tower. They delay in going through the routine maintenance , inspection and testing. Therefore, the fire protection system collapse.

To much in the maintenance of pipe decay by expert can lead to the a big loss. If scale build up is found at the early stage, it could be easily rectified. But, the negligence in process may demand for a completely new system. In many cases, the piping system is often replaced with stainless steel. Experts believe that stainless steel pipe decay at a much lower rate than any other form of pipe.

As far as fire protection system is concerned, it should be replaced every 7-10 years due to corrosion. For any kind of cooling tower problem, it is necessary to contact those person who has up-to-date knowledge about the industry-related products. 

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