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 The framework of a cooling tower is not totally inflexible, even on concrete towers which utilize structural members of relatively massive across section. Considering the tremendous torsional forces encountered in the operation of large fans at high horsepower, it becomes apparent that some means of assuring a constant plane-relationship throughout the motor-gear reducer fan driver train must be provided in order to maintain proper alignment of the mechanical equipment.
For smaller fan units, unitized steel weldments of structural cross section serve well. However, the forces imposed by the operation of larger fans dictate the use of unitized supports of greater sophistication. These usually consist of large, heavy-wall torque tubes welded to outriggers of structural steel.
Customary material for these unitized supports is carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized after fabrication, with stainless steel construction available at significant additional cost. The combination of heavy construction, plus galvanization, generally makes stainless steel construction unecessary

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