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 The main difference between axial blower and centrifugal blower lies in the direction that air flows. Therefore, when buying either of the two types of blowers, it would be good to consider the one able to serve longer and more efficiently. The application for which each blower is chosen also matters a great deal considering that axial blowers serve different purposes from centrifugal blowers.

Unlike axial and centrifugal fans, the blowers put maximum focus on the given or specific area. The fans, on the other hand, focus on the circulation of air around the entire room or space. In the same regard, the difference between axial blower and centrifugal blower lies in the manner in which they circulate air. The features between these two types of blowers also differ as shown below.

The axial blower comprises of between three and five blades slightly curved to ensure that air moves or flows forward. As for the centrifugal blower, the movement of air is perpendicular or radial to that of the fan shaft. In axial blowers, the movement is parallel to that of the fan shaft. In addition to this, axial blowers are great at moving huge volumes of air. This shows why centrifugal blowers are effective in control systems for air pollution and in industrial purposes.

Centrifugal blowers come in two main categories – single as well as multi-stage. However, what the axial and centrifugal blowers share in common is the need for adequate space during installation. The installation should consider the need for maintenance. The installation should also consider the need for proper filtration. With regard to repairs, the two blower types require replacement of seals as well as rings and other hardware.

For these reasons and more, it is clear that the axial blowers are different and unique from centrifugal blowers. Therefore, ask assistance from experts to avoid buying the wrong type of blower.

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