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Product name : Black color Round Tower Infill
Product No. : 2015714125257
Price : negotiation
Model No.: : RI
Place of Original : China
Packing : Naked
Min. Order : 1,000kgs
Payment : TT,LC
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 Cooling Tower Infill For Industrial Water Cooling   


Cooling tower filling

1)The material of cooling tower filling:PVC,PET, PS

2)Usage:Increasing cross-sectional area,add water retention time

3)Carry out ISO standard

4)Cooling tower filling Used in round counter-flow cooling tower,crosscurrent cooling tower,high temperature cooling tower.


PVC fills for Cooling Tower ,Film Packing Introduction:


      Cooling Tower Fill is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling Tower.It is the major parts to improve the efficiency of cooling tower and make sure the economy and safe operation.  With the development of the plastic industry, counter-current tower drench water plastic packing "S" shape ladder wave, obliquely wave, which has the heat dissipation ,good performance ,Ventilated small resistance, durable, based on the easy and other advantages, it is widely used in different types of large, medium, small, cooling tower.



Rectangular Cooling Tower Filler


1.PVC fills, Size: 280,305,250mm


2. Thickness-0.4mm.


3.Use Temperature: 50-68C


4.Absorption rate: < 0.015%


5.Drift water loss rate:<0.001%



1) Application: put into the square cooling tower.


2) Characters:


    acidproof, alkali-resisting, anticorrosion for the organic solvent


    good performance of inflaming retarding


    oxygen index≥31


3) Description:


    Normal Size:280,305,250mm


    Or customized.


    Thickness: Meet your demand


4) Working temperature:


    PVC: -20°C~70°C

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